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Burlingame Art Society (BAS) was organized in 1957 by a group of artists who wanted to practice the principles of traditional art in our present-day world. Our membership includes men and women actively participating in the pursuit of quality visual arts, while providing friendly relationships with other artists. Among our members are art teachers and talented artists, as well as those who are genuinely interested in a learning experience. Beginners are welcome.

We are artists with the purpose of promoting art, and the appreciation of art, in our community. Our efforts are not only directed to adults, but also to encourage young people to participate in our local community programs.

At present, Burlingame Art Society members exhibit their talents in local banks, the Burlingame Recreation Center, City Hall, Art in the Park, and Music in the Park. Some members also exhibit outside the city at other venues. These venues provide an opportunity for our members to share their talents in public exhibitions.