Burlingame Art Society

Music in the Park

BAS will once again, participate in Music in the Park  We will be setting up in the art room from 12:30 until 3:00 pm on July 7th / July 14th / July 21st / July 28th. You can bring a couple of your paintings to show and if you have prints or cards to sell you may bring those too, but you will have to stay with them to sell them. Or you can bring your supplies with you and paint. If you don't want to stay in the art room the whole time, you can bring in your paintings to hang, then go outside to listen to the music and come pick up your paintings when the music is done. 

Please email or call to let us know you want to participate. 

Contact either:

Maria (Sanchez)    sanchez347@comcast.net   (650) 740-7145
Diana (Day Glynn)    dayglynn@aol.com   (650) 678-0850