Burlingame Art Society


Monthly Awards

Members of the Burlingame Art Society are encouraged to bring a painting to our Wednesday meetings for our monthly art competition. Our guest artist chooses First, Second, and Third Place awards, as well as Honorable Mention. BAS members choose the winner of the Popular Choice Award. First Place and Popular Choice winners become eligible for our   "Artist of the Year Award."

Here is a quick review of the guidelines:

1. Participants must be members in good standing.

2. Acceptable works of art are: Oil, Watercolors, Pencil, Pastel, Charcoal, Acrylics, and Mixed Medium.

3. There is a limit of one work of art to be entered by a member in any month, but that piece may be reentered in subsequent monthly contests (as long as it does not win First Place or Popular Choice).

4. Your work must be a recent accomplishment from within the last five years.

5. The work must be “finished” dry, and ready for hanging or display.

6. Our award season is December of one year to November of the next.

7. Our “Artist of the Year” is selected at our annual Holiday luncheon from among the monthly “First Place" winners, and winners of the monthly “Popular Choice” awards.

•Note: Members who would like to bring more than a single work of art to show, or who would like to bring work to show but without being part of the competition, are invited to display their work in the “President’s Circle” area.

The additional information below relates to our monthly awards as well as our various art shows.
"From time to time the issue of copying comes up for discussion at the Burlingame Art Society. 
The ideal situation would be to have all work entered for judging be original, and from the member's own photo or observation.  However, many of us are still in the early stages of our painting careers, and may depend upon others for pictures to guide them.

Therefore, while the BAS Board encourages original work, it has decided that copies will be accepted for judging, but that they should be identified as such.  A suggested place to give credit to the original artist is on the back of the painting. The awards chairperson will notify our judges of our policy."

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